My wife Diane and I went to the movies last weekend and discovered something really cool. It's called D Box motion seating, and it lets you not only see the movie, but actually feel it. The best way I can describe it, it's like sitting in a simulator watching a movie. The only place you can check it out in our area is at Mega Movies at the East Brunswick Square Mall right on Route 18.

We saw The Grey with Liam Neeson. Really good flick with a lot of action, and a lot of chances for you to experience how the D Box Motion Seating can really change your movie experience. I won't give anything away, but I will say there were a few scenes that had me actually holding on to my armrest.
Liam Neeson is one of those actors who never seems to be a name that roll off your tongue when somebody asks who who the best actors in Hollywood are, yet he delivers solid performance after solid performance, and The Grey is no different.
The D Box seating actually has controls on the right armrest so you can customize your experience. It's just one of many things that makes MegaMovies at East Brunswick Square Mall a really fun place to catch a movie. The staff couldn't be nicer and it's a really fun place. It's not your run of the mill theater, that's for sure.
If you want a great deal you should check out the details about Terrific Tuesday. Visit the Mega Movies website and check out D Box seating! The next big D Box movie is Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, opening February 10th!

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