I am going to say what we are all thinking: This weather SUCKKS!!!

It is 25 degrees colder than the typical weather we've had this time of year in the past so who knows what kind of winter we are in store for.

All I know is that I don't plan on spending nearly as much time at the dog park in 20 degree weather.

But, as I am sure a lot of you dog moms and dads can relate to, I have a dog that needs to burn off energy. If she doesn't get to run around, that is when she starts tearing up her toys and bouncing off walls.

But her trainer, Lisa, told me that dogs don't necessarily have to run around to burn off energy. A lot of dogs love to be mentally challenged and mind-stimulating activities will actually tire them out even faster.

So thank you to Tucker Budzyn for passing along this great indoor activity that you can do to bond with your dog and tire them out in the process!

The premise is pretty simple. You take a cupcake pan and put treats on the bottom of each mini area. (Depending on how big your cupcake can is, maybe not EVERY area lol) 

Then take a few of your dog's toys and place them on top of the treats. You put down the pan and your dog has to try and figure out how to get the treats.

I had to help Carolina get started because at first, she looked at me like I had three heads. But once she got going, she killed this exercise.

Give it a try with your dog and let us know how it went! Plus, if you have other good exercises let us know so we can give them a try.

Have fun!

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