We have made the top of some bad lists, but this is the naughtiest. Is New Jersey really the state with the worst holiday spirit in America?

My first reaction is this is absolutely ridiculous. I know tons of people from the Garden State who love and cherish this time of year. They are generous and caring for those in need and they love their family time. So what's up with this ranking?

Good Housekeeping reported that a company, AccuRadio, did a study on how much holiday music was streamed by people between November 2013 and 2014 and the state that wound up with the lowest amount was New Jersey.

I'm not sure that this indicates that we have the least holiday spirit in America. As a matter of fact, anyone who's lived here for any amount of time might just say that nobody does Christmas better than we do!

We are festive, fun loving, gift giving, charity focused, holiday decorating people and no one can take that away from us! For me, there is nothing better than a Jersey Christmas, and I don't care about what anybody says!

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