We've had a few tough 'Name The Monmouth County Location' during the series, but this could be the toughest one ever.

At least thta's what we heard from a group of Monmouth County residents who got a sneak peek of this photo. We'll give some slues to help you out, but if you get this one, a lot of people think you're among the elite.

So here are some clues that will hopefully help pave your way to the answer...

It's outside but its also inside.

It has a road named after it.


Just to add a little to the last one, that's not an exit on the Parkway. The place in the spotlight is about 20 miles from GSP exit 120.

I will give you another clue. I was there for a few hours this weekend and came home with a bunch of bags.

If you put that all together and if you've ever looked up while you're there, you should have no problem getting the answer. Good luck , and we'll let you know if you're right this time around. Good luck!

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