Here is the info on how and when you can see them!

Meet the three new babies at Jenkinson's Aquarium: Lilo, Stitch, and Kai.

Formerly known as "Baby A", Kai was the last to be named, after we brought his parents on the air with us last week to ask for your help in finding a name.

Kai is a Hawaiian name meaning 'of the sea' and I think it's perfect for him!

Up until now, the babies have been quarantined in order to make sure they were thriving, and now they are making limited appearances in the public exhibit.

The three chicks are spending limited chaperoned time in the 'big kid' exhibit each day.

It will be decided on a day-to-day basis when the chicks will get their time on display...but as of right now, there's a pretty good chance you can see them TODAY, May 3rd, from about 10 am 'til about 4 pm (if all goes well!). Then they will be pulled out to sleep in their quarantine room upstairs.

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