Jay Leno knows comedy. So when Jay Leno says "there's nothing funnier than comedy in New Jersey," you must take him seriously.

The former host of the "Tonight Show" and standup champion will be at the tells Jon Poveromo on his "Dystopia Tonight" podcast.

"To me, there's nothing funnier than comedy in New Jersey."

Leno then recounted a few stories of his comedic experiences here in the Garden State.

"I was at Rascals once years ago," says Leno. "So next to Rascals is an arcade, literally right next door. So I'm in the arcade and I'm playing one of the games and I see this guy looking at me, he goes, 'Hey you look like Jay Leno.'"

"Oh, yeah, I'm Jay Leno and he goes, 'No, you're not. No, you're not. No, no, no.' I am. 'No, you're not. You know, Jay that oh, he wouldn't be here."

"I'm playing Rascals right next door. OK, I'm on in 45 minutes. Right now. I'm playing a video game."

He asked Leno for his ID, which he declined to provide.

"So then I go on stage. I see the guy sitting like two seats right in front of me. I got it. Do you believe me now?"

Then there was the time Leno asked the old Latin Casino for a raise.

"I'd been there a couple of times, I was going to ask the guy for a raise," says Leno. "He opens up his drawer, takes out a gun, puts the gun on the table. I said, 'You know, I don't need a raise.'"

Leno will be at Ceasar's in Atlantic City on June 7 and the State Theatre in New Brunswick on June 8.

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