We’ve all pretty much figured out that humans aren’t so good at picking the winning football teams in a big game, so we leave it to the animals.

We had predictions from two local animals, one was Shannon’s dog Fozzie, and the other was a long-time local legend, and that’s who we’re focusing on today.

That local legend we’re talking about is none other than the one and only Luseal, the most famous seal of all at Jenkinson’s Aquarium in Point Pleasant Beach. So who did she pick?

It turns out Luseal thought the best bet for the big game was the Los Angeles Rams.
And, of course, it turned out she was absolutely right with her prediction. The correct guess put Luseal’s all-time record at 5-6. Not exactly a perfect record, but better than most of us humans.


There might not be any big-screen TVs or laptops accessible to Luseal, but we have a sneaking suspicion Luseal and her seal friends at Jenks are smart enough to figure it out.

Luseal has been at the Aquarium since 1991. It is believed she was either attacked by a shark or struck by a boat as a pup, resulting in her blindness, but her other senses are keen, allowing her to do just fine.

So, congratulations to Luseal. She didn’t need ESPN to know exactly who was going to win this year’s big game.

Unfortunately, Shannon's adorable puppy Fozzie picked the Bengals. Better luck next year Fozzie. You're still the most adorable dog ever!

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