This is not going to be a pleasant weather day at the Jersey Shore. We are going to have heat, humidity and the chance for nasty storms to come through the area.

We checked in this morning for the latest info for Monmouth & Ocean Counties from our Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow. Here's what he's telling us you need to know about Jersey Shore weather for today...

Heat's in effect for inland Monmouth and Ocean Counties from 11:00am to 8:00pm. The heat index could make it feel like 100-105 degrees in spots today.

Strong Storms...There is the possibility of a line of strong storms coming through our area today, and the biggest concerns will be damaging winds and flooding rain.

Timing...The storms could roll though any time between 6:00pm and 10pm.

Dan says there could be a thunderstorm this afternoon, but there will be only one round of heavy storms and that will come through quickly, but even though it won't stick around long, it does have the potential to pack a strong punch. So today is a good day to stay weather aware.

Our high temperature today will be in the upper 80's even though it will not feel that way And it looks like the highs will stay there all week and even into the weekend, but the humidity is set to back off a bit tomorrow.

An if we look ahead to that weekend weather, we see some sun on Saturday, and some clouds on Sunday, with daytime highs in the upper 80's both days.

So get ready for another batch of severe weather later today. I'm no weather expert, but with all this humidity around, you had to figure a nasty storm wasn't far behind. And it looks like today is the day it gets here.

Stay aware and be careful.

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