We asked you to identify a very famous building at the Jersey Shore with just a few clues. Were you able to do it?

It's always fun to spotlight some of the great and extremely popular spots here at the Jersey Shore, and this time we focused on a Monmouth County spot. Let's review the clues we already gave you.

(1) This gorgeous structure was built in 1894. (just a simple fact)

(2) Hope-Jones (Robert Hope-Jones is considered the inventor of the theater organ and there's one in this building)

(3) This location is definitely a great place to get off your feet, since it has thousands of seats. (over 6200 to be a little more specific).

We've added a little more detail to each of those clues for you today. Does that help? Let's find out. The correct answer we were looking for was the Great Auditorium in Ocean Grove!

You can learn more about Ocean Grove and the Great Auditorium at the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association website. Thanks for playing along!

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