We asked you to identify a Jersey Shore landmark with just a few clues. Now, we'll reveal the answer. How did you do?

First, let's recap the clues that were given to give you a chance to get the answer before we reveal it. Here's what this landmark would say if it could talk.

(1) They originally gave me a geographically wrong name. It was corrected March 1,1897.

(2)  The first day I shined was December 10. 1896.

(3) I am the last "live in" building of my kind to be built on the Atlantic Coast.

The biggest clue there was the phrase "the first day I shined" and also when we mentioned that the landmark was between Navesink and Barnegat, we were talking about Navesink Twin Lights and Barnegat Light.

Are you any closer to the answer? Well, let's find out. If you guessed the mystery landmark is the Sea Girt Lighthouse, then you were absolutely right.

The lighthouse was originally called the Squan Inlet Lighthouse, but was corrected in the late 1890's according to visitmonmouth.com.

The Sea Girt Lighthouse is one of a number of amazing landmarks you can visit at the Jersey Shore. You can check it out Sundays between 2:00pm and 4:00pm. except on holidays.

Get all the information on this landmark at the Sea Girt Lighthouse website.

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