Yesterday we gave you some clues and asked you to name a famous spot at the Jersey Shore. Today, we reveal the answer.

First, let's start by going over the clues we gave you yesterday and giving you some additional information on each of those.

Clue #1 Major Abraham Wolf - he was the first keeper of this place, and he was in his 70's when he took the job.

Clue #2 December 10,1896 - this was the date this location flashed it's famous light for the first time.

Clue #3 Ocean and Beacon - this is literally the intersection where this Jersey Shore landmark is located.

Now that you have the additional information, do you think you know it now? There were actually a lot of people who got it in the first round and that is very impressive. Are you ready for the answer?

If you guessed Sea Girt Lighthouse, then you really do know your Jersey Shore landmarks. Nice job! If you want even more information on the Sea Girt Lighthouse, just visit their website.

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