The Jersey Shore has no shortage of landmarks, and we're going to see if you can identify one of them.

The concept is pretty simple. We're going to give you three clues and you have to try to identify this landmark location at the Jersey Shore. The clues can be names, dates, historical facts, or any tidbit we think will help you get the answer.

Here are the three clues this time around, and by the way, we work on the honor system here, so only answer if you didn't need Google to get it right!

Clue #1 Major Abraham Wolf

Clue #2 December 10,1896

Clue #3 Ocean and Beacon

We almost didn't give you Clue #3 because some people on our Name the Landmark committee thought it was too much of a giveaway, but in the end, we wanted to give it to you. Getting it right is more fun than getting a headache, right?

So, take your best guess, and we'll have the answer, plus lots more about this Jersey Shore location tomorrow. Good luck!

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