Yesterday we asked if you could name a popular Jersey Shore location with just one photo. Did you guess the right location.

We gave you the clue that the location was in Point Pleasant Beach, and to tell you the truth, that should have been all the clue you needed to get this one right. Knowing that fact and then looking at the picture should have led you to the answer.

Speaking of the answer, let's give it to you so you can see if you got it right. The official correct answer is The Flitzer at Jenkinson's South. Did you get it?

Lou Russo, Townsquare Media

We had the best time doing our show live yesterday at the other end of the boardwalk, right in front of Jenkinson's Aquarium, where we got a visit from parrots, penguins, turtles, alligators, and of course, Wally the sloth!

It's always a great time at Jenkinson's! Thanks to all of you who stopped by to make it a great morning!

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