Many adults and kids alike are enjoying a snow day, a rare day when just about everything around us is shut down.

There are plenty of things to enjoy about a snow day. After the pace we normally live at here at the Jersey Shore, sometimes the only way to shut down for a little while is to have it done for us, and this storm has done that.

So now that we have that rarest of opportunities today, we wanted to know what you thought the best thing about a snow day is here at the Jersey Shore, and the results are in.

What are the top 3 things about a snow day? We'll start at #3. There's a tie between two things that couldn't be more opposite. Binge watching and catching up on housework each got 8% of the vote.

In second place in our snow day poll, getting 15% of the  vote was spending time with the kids. That leaves us with only first place, and there was never a doubt about it. Our winning choice won in a landslide.

You can tell a lot about our schedules here at the Jersey Shore not only by the top answer, but also by the ease in which our top answer won. There is one thing that's for sure. The Jersey Shore is sleep deprived.

Sleeping in, our #1 answer, got an unbelievable 69% of the vote. That's a lot of people with their alarms off this morning, and why not. The opportunity to wake up when you want to doesn't happen often. Enjoy it while you can.

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