We asked residents of the Jersey Shore if there was a fast forward button that would bring us to any date on the calendar, which would it be?

This all started with the beginning of February, which from a weather standpoint, is probably the most dreaded month of the year. If there was ever a month we would want to fast forward through, this is probably it for many.

So what date would most Jersey Shore residents want to fast forward to? It should come as no surprise in a summer loving place like this that the top answer with 41% of the vote was Memorial Day weekend.

May was the dominant month because right behind Memorial Day in second place was May 1st (35%), and rounding out the top three was another day that is a sign of spring, St. Patrick's Day with 12%.

April 1st and the 4th of July each had 6% to round out the voting. So the answer is pretty clear. The Jersey Shore wants to leave winter as quickly as possible, not exactly shocking results.

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