According to our poll results, the Jersey Shore still has a lot of shopping to do before all is said and done this holiday season.

We asked you how much shopping you had already done based on percentages, and it looks like just less than half of the Jersey Shore residents are a little more than 50% done. Let's translate that into actual numbers.

Just under 46% of those who responded said they are somewhere between half and three quarters done with their Christmas shopping. There are 27% of Jersey Shore residents who say they are less than 25% done, and I'm sure some, like me, are at approximately 0% done.

There are those shoppers out there who have gotten it done this season, literally. About 18% who responded say they are 100% done, complete, finished and ready to sit back and relax the rest of this season, at least when it comes to shopping.

For the record, an additional 9% say they are almost there, being between 75 and 99% done. Good job guys! That means less lines and crowds when I finally get around to do my shopping!



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