As many of you might have seen, earlier this month my sister got married on Point Pleasant Beach. It was a beautiful wedding and I am still ecstatic my middle sister experienced a perfect day. Thanks to Jimmy Chae Photography, the final wedding pictures were recently published and me doing the worm was somehow snapped on camera. At this point in the night I was feeling more than good and because I have no other dance moves, the worm is my go to. It's an aggressive dance approach but I'll do whatever is needed to give a dance party a "spark", even if my lower back is aching for the next week. Now... this is not the first time I did the worm at a wedding. So far on my resume, I've only been to two weddings and did the worm for both occasions.... In January of 2019, my oldest sister got married in Jamaica:

Sooo the reason for this ridiculous article... I would like to announce a new life goal of mine and that is to not only do the worm at every wedding I go to but also one day do the worm at MY FUTURE KIDS WEDDINGS. I am single, not married, nor do I have kids sooo I have a long way to go. However, I hope to be healthy and flimsy enough to pull out the worm whenever it is needed throughout the upcoming years . Obviously, there are more important benefits about staying in-shape but If I can be known as the "guy who does the worm at every wedding he goes to", I think that's an impressive life achievement. What do you think?!

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