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I want to thank all of the people that help to keep the Jersey Shore safe each and every day by risking their own lives: police officers, first responders, EMT's, firefighters....there are just too many people to count.

I do want to take this time to shine a spotlight on a Howell police officer who recently did something amazing while he was off-duty.

Vin Ebenu gave you all the facts but lets come at this from a heartfelt point of view.

His name is Officer Jonathan Woolley and while he was at a fitness facility in Brick, an elderly man collapsed and even started to turn purple.

Woolley, without hesitation, along with a trainer that also witnessed the man passing out began chest compressions and rescue breathing until Brick Police EMS and paramedics arrived.

Jonathan Woolley and his fast thinking saved this man's life because as of 10 AM, the 85-year-old is responsive and doing well.

Police Officers are always on-duty in some way, shape or form and this is the perfect example. If Woolley and the trainer did not react as fast as the did, the outcome could have become very different.

Not to mention, his capability to react fast without having an overly emotional reaction is something that is learned during training and this skill is something that should not be underestimated or underappreciated.

So it is time to give praise where it is more than deserved.

Jonathan Woolley. You saved this man's life and he will be able to go home and spend the holidays with his loved ones thanks to you. I wish there was more I can say or do to show the gratitude for your brave actions.

So have a great holiday season and enjoy some well earned time off-duty...or sort of off-duty....

Take a look at the original Facebook Announcement HERE.

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