Summer has unofficially begun, and the temperatures will start to make it feel that way by the middle of this week at the Jersey Shore.

This is welcome news, especially after dealing with an oddly chilly Friday morning at the New Jersey Natural Gas Asbury Park Boardwalk Studio. We were on the air talking about needing a jacket then, and if you were inland, you must have thought we were losing it.

But we weren't. I was wearing a jacket until 9:00 on the Asbury Boardwalk. And jeans. I did wear my flip flops, and my toes didn't like it one bit.

But that was May, and this is June. So, let's get this thing warmed up. It turns out that the 80's return by mid week (the temperatures of course, not Madonna and parachute pants), according to our Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow.

Here's how it plays out. Today and tomorrow we'll be around 70 for daytime highs. Wednesday it hits 80 and humid, and expect a shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon. Clouds and showers on Thursday with a high 80, so it's not perfect weather, but it will be more summer like at least.

June 1st, by the way, and that is the official start of the Atlantic hurricane season. And here's to hoping the storms turn toward the ocean and leave us alone. I think we'd all agree we've been through enough.

Despite that, Dan Zarrow says it looks like it could be an active hurricane season. Let's hope it's active over a large body of water and it doesn't affect anyone. I think we're due for something to go our way.

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