Season 12 of "Hell's Kitchen" kicked off on Fox last night with 2 Monmouth County chefs making a terrible first impressions with Gordon Ramsay.


Mike Aresta is a 38 year old chef instructor from Keyport. His cooking experience started as a kid when he helped his mother cook the sauce for Sunday dinner. Mike's passion developed as a teenager and he graduated culinary school in 2001.

Aresta says he's worked at "a million restaurants," but prefers giving back and showing people "how easy it is to cook as long as they use their creative side."

Last night Mike did not practice what he preaches.

As with every first "Hell's Kitchen" episode, Chef Ramsay asks the contestants to cook their signature dish. This is where the crucial first impression is made.

Monmouth County Mike prepared a dish using packaged tortellini and canned tomatoes! If you've ever watched Chef Ramsay, rule #1, all ingredients must be fresh! In disgust, Ramsay throws the dish away without tasting it and Mike mumbles "that's f***ed up, bro" under his breath as he walks away. Gordon heard the remark and confronted Mike saying "if you have anything to say, say it to my face."

Meet Mike and see his confrontation.

The other Monmouth county contestant is baker Nicole Rutz of Morganville. She admitted in the beginning that she was shy and that "the quiet ones and the people you have to watch out for."

During dinner service, she was combative with the other chefs and actually said she "gave up" while cooking the simplest of foods, scallops. Ramsay questioned her desire to be in the kitchen and told her to get out if she wasn't interested.

Monmouth county, we're not off to a great start on this season of Hell's Kitchen.