We all know what happens in a week. The big front  door of the Jersey shore opens up and the world comes in! It's tourist season at the Jersey shore!

Before long the traffic builds, the lines form and the summer begins! For all the local businesses, I hope this season brings you crowds beyond your wildest dreams. It would be awesome to have a great season with lots of great weekend weather and lots of tourists.

For the local residents we go into summer mode. We know the roads to avoid and the days and times to avoid them. We know that we may have to be a little patient at our favorite restaurant or bar for a few months. And we know that we may not find a good parking spot until the second week of September. 

We also know that it's pretty cool to live at the place everyone wants to travel to for summer fun. We live at the Jersey shore! Summer is our time to shine...or at least dig down deep for an extra dose of patience!