No one can deny that the Garden State has unfortunately been hit hard by COVID-19, and a recent report ranks our aggressiveness against the virus.

According to WalletHub, New Jersey's aggressiveness vs. COVID-19 ranks 5th highest in the nation. The publication used 51 metrics and ranked each state for it's aggressiveness. Here's how New Jersey ranked in key categories...

Prevention & Containment...4th

Risk Factors & Infrastructure...17th

Economic Impact...17th

The state with the most aggressive approach to Coronavirus is New York. D.C. is 2nd, Alaska 3rd and Hawaii 4th. Of course, New Jersey is only behind New Your in number of COVID-19 cases in the country.

According to WalletHub, which has done 3 sets of rankings in the past 3 weeks or so, New Jersey maintains it's #5 ranking from the data published two weeks ago. Our original ranking in Mid-March was 7th.

Experts are urging social distancing, hand washing and staying at home whenever possible to limit exposure to the virus.

You can read about all the metrics used and findings for all states at WalletHub. Please stay safe and healthy.

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