In a recent study, New Jersey is among the state needing the most financial help amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

This should come as no surprise to any of us. We are one of the hardest hit places in the nation, but where we rank in this study may actually surprise you. New Jersey ranked at number 7.

It's hard to believe six states would need more financial help than we do, but here is how WalletHub determined each state's ranking. They used 18 metrics including local and state debt,rainy day fund per capita and more.

Here is how the Garden State ranked in several categories...

State Financials...we ranked as the state with the 3rd most need for aid in the country.

State Rainy Day Fund...NJ ranks as the state with the 4th highest need.

State & Local Debt Per Capita...The Garden State ranks 12th in this category.

The states that ranked higher than we did are (from 6 to 1) Illinois, New York, New Hampshire, Florida, Kentucky and Louisiana.

This has been a devastating financial time for so many people, and that is why it is critical for each one of us to support local businesses as they get back into some kind of normalcy.

And this should be our theme moving forward. Even after things calm down (and they will0 we have to all be passionate about buying local whenever and wherever we can. Let's come together as a community to give all these great local businesses we love a fighting chance!

Remember all the local businesses who were there for you during this time, and remember those who couldn't be there as well. Keeping all these businesses is good for all of us.

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