It's Valentine's season, and love is in the air. Or maybe not so much? If love isn't in the air the way it used to be, you may want to check out what the experts say to do.

Sometimes, the experts say, it's the little things. Those small gestures during the course of a normal week that really keep the spark, or re-ignite it, in your relationship. Here are some examples, according to an report.

Yes guys, it's the dreaded hand holding. I'm not sure what it is about hand holding that some guys find so unappealing, but the love experts say just that little gesture will remind both of you of a time "when just that was enough to get your heart racing"

It can be as simple as leaving a voice message, send a text, or leaving a cleverly written and placed Post-it note. It's a small gesture, but the experts say it goes a long way.

Or how about making a lunch date? When was the last time you did that? Experts say the hassle of babysitters, planning and staying up late sometimes put a damper on date night, so take the hassle out of it, and have a lunch date!

Hey everyone, Valentine's Day is about two weeks away. Let's get the romance going now!


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