Check this out. Bonus points if you can guess where in Monmouth County this photo was taken!

Here's the street I grew up on in Monmouth County.

This photo was taken by my best friend on the street where I grew up...and we are still friends to this day!

(Photo from Sue & Rob)

Oh, to be carefree and YOUNG like that again. Now I have boys older than I was in this photo!!!

So thank you, Sue, for taking this photo (who knows what we were doing that day, lol!) and Rob for coming across it and sending it to me.

(Liz Jeressi 2018, Gellman Images)

Big difference between then and now, huh?

Sue....the memories of playing for hours and hours outside on our street every single day of the year regardless of the weather are gifts that warm my soul :)

Now let's see if Lou Russo and Nancy Reamy can track down a photo from when they were around this age to share!