LOCAL HERO ALERT! Can you imagine how terrified you would be as a parent to know that your child is buckled into their car seat on a 90 degree day and you just locked your keys inside? That happened to a mom on River Road and thankfully Patrolman Mellott of the Island Heights Police Department was not far away.  As if saving a child was not enough wait until you hear what he did next...
The mom was frantic after she locked her toddler in a hot car by mistake. After securing her child in a car seat, she accidentally left her keys on the seat. When she tried to open the door it was locked with her child inside. It was over 90 degrees that day. Patrolman Mellott quickly responded to her need for help and requested first aid back up as a precaution.  He then dispatched a duty tow truck to preform a lock out kit on the vehicle. A few minutes passed and after Patrolman Mellott saw the child starting to sweat he made an important decision to act fast.
From his training and experience he knew that the child could be in grave danger in this heat. Patrolman Mellott made the decision to break the window of the vehicle. They were then able to get the child safely to the first aid that arrived shortly after.
As if rescuing a child wasn’t enough, Patrolman Mellott went above and beyond. He overheard the mom worrying about the cost of fixing the window and without hesitation, he made arrangements to pay for her window. The Island Heights PBA and the Island Heights First Aid squad all donated enough funds to help cover the costs of a new window.  Mom and child are doing just fine. It feels good to know we are among heroes doesn't it?

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