This new book is perfect for parents to give their soon-to-be high school graduate.

Mark Beal is a long-time Monmouth County resident who now lives in Toms River. He is a Rutgers University professor who has written a book called 101 Lessons They Never Taught You in High School About Going to College.

This book is designed to help high school students who are graduating to prepare for their transition to college. It's full of advice that will really make the difference in the life of your soon-to-be college kid.

Many of the college students who are featured in this book went to high school in Monmouth or Ocean Counties. Mark Beal surveyed college students in universities around the country about the lessons they would give to high school students who are graduating and getting ready to attend college.

Marc says that his current college students, as well as so many he polled nationwide, have so much college experience and so many lessons to offer to the next generation of high school students. That's why Mark has collaborated with them on this unprecedented book.

Consider this a manual to help your college freshman survive and thrive once they leave home for higher education.

Here are some samples of what's in the book. (I love it already!)

-- Lesson #9: No matter how early in the morning a class takes place or how late on a Thursday night, never skip class. Skipping class is the easiest thing you can do which is why many students may be tempted to do it. While skipping class may be easy, so is attending class. It really does not take much to walk across campus and attend class for 80 minutes. However, take this lesson one step further. Don't just attend class, be an active participant.

-- Lesson #15: Befriend Your Professors. In your first and second semesters on campus you will be intimidated by your professors. But just remind yourself that professors are people too. No matter how intimidated or nervous you may be to befriend your professor, they actually want to help you and see you succeed in and out of the classroom.

-- Lesson #57: Connect with Upperclassmen. When you first arrive on campus you will be nervous to connect with your own classmates, but it is critical that as you immerse yourself in your freshman year, that you create real connections, even with upperclassmen. Why? They were in your shoes just a few years ago and have experienced everything that is ahead of you.

-- Lesson #72: It Doesn't Require a Party to Have Fun. You don't have to attend a party to have fun in college. The amount of extracurricular activities that offer fun and exciting experiences on and off campus is endless. College has so much to offer that is fun and exciting if you just take that first important step and attend new events and experiences that go well beyond weekday classes and weekend parties.

This great book is available on Amazon. CLICK HERE for details.

PS...Mark's first book was called "101 Lessons They Never Taught You in College" and is also a big seller. It's a book of lessons and advice to current college kids to help them transition to a career following college graduation.




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