When I found out Liz was spotlighting some of the awesome people that help make our Friday morning broadcasts from Asbury Park

I told Liz i was available to be interviewed any time, but she informed me that I was not on her schedule to be spotlighted. But I...what? Wait a minute. There is a spotlight, It's just not going to be on me?

You can imagine how uncomfortable I was with this knowledge, and despite that, my first thought was that I hope Liz never goes through the pain I was feeling over this slight.

So I decided to do something about it. I decided to rise above it and do for her what she wouldn't do for me. i would shine the spotlight on her. So here is a tribute to the one a and only Liz Jeressi (yes the same one who refused to spotlight me).

Here are some little known facts about Liz Jeressi

Liz got her start in radio back in 1890 on a show call "Marconi and Jeressi". And although Marconi is credited as one of the inventors of the medium, Liz wouldn't let him get a word in edgewise. The show lasted less than a year.

(Photo courtesy of Liz Jeressi)

Liz was asked to tell a story once during morning announcements in 3rd Grade, and had to be cut off before the end of the story so the kids didn't miss lunch.

(Liz Jeressi)

Liz once bypassed any sports questions to ask legendary Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera what his favorite exit was in New Jersey. it was a better question, though, than her follow up "Do you remember your first touchdown"?

(Mariano Rivera was charming!)

Liz once followed Bruce Springsteen's motorcycle long enough to memorize his license plate, drawing interest from local authorities, and Springsteen's private security team.

(Photo by Charles Castorina)

And speaking of local authorities, yes that was Liz being questioned on a local beach for "watching the sunrise". She had no id but was released on her own recognizance. The records were since sealed.

So, there's a little spotlight on my friend and co-worker Liz. You're welcome.

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