We greatly appreciate what Lunch Break does for our Jersey Shore community. Each day they strive to break the cycle of poverty by providing life's basic necessities for community members in need. The nonprofit freely provides food, clothing, and fellowship. Now, Lunch Break is ready to expand its help with the COVID-19 Emergency Fund.

For those impacted financially by COVID-19, Lunch Break is now able to provide assistance for car payments, car insurance, phone, cable, and utility bills. Contact them immediately at 732-747-8577 ext. 3203. IMPORTANT: If you have previously received any assistance from Lunch Break's COVID-19 Emergency Fund Program, you are not eligible to receive funding again at this time. This program is for first-time applicants only. Lunch Break says "WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!"

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THIS IS AWESOME! On top of hosting 'Nights with Jimmy G' on 94.3 The Point, I am also the co-host of a brand new television series called 'Show Us Everything'.  The goal of the show is to highlight ordinary people doing extraordinary things during the pandemic. 'Show Us Everything' shows viewers how businesses, organizations, and nonprofits are adapting during the pandemic. The show is real, local, authentic, and a great example of how forging ahead is important during a time like this. Each episode highlights a specific topic and I recently had the awesome chance to interview the leaders at Lunch Break! WATCH BELOW:

'Show Us Everything' airs on News12+ (Altice: Channel 61, Cablevision: Channel 61, Optimum: Channel 61, Fios: Channel 530). Season 1 is complete, but expect a season 2 in the near future.

A special THANK YOU to Gwen Love and the entire staff at Lunch Break. What they do is incredible and something that should never go unnoticed!

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