Bob Drury brings us an inspirational story about veterans and children healed by the love of a dog.

Bob Druy has been nominated for a Pulitzer prize and three National Magazine Awards.. He is a Men's Health Contributing Editor and Military Correspondent. He has reported from places like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Darfur. He has also authored, co-authored, and edited many other books.

This book is called "A Dog's Gift: The Inspirational Story of Veterans and Children Healed by Man's Best Friend." It's the story of volunteers with organization that uses pets to touch the souls of those most in need, and how encounters with these precious animals has helped heal both kids with disabilities and wounded war vets.

This book takes you inside the rearing of some of the puppies bred for this great cause and the beauty of seeing a service dog bond with its new owner. This is one extra special book and will teach you things you never even knew about the capabilities of man's best friend.

Dog owner or not, you will love this book!





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