Most of us get excited about new dining options. It's something different, right?

However, it's not too often that word of a new eatery gets residents this pumped.

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Some would consider Zano Brothers Italian Market in Waretown a hidden gem.

I'm sure many residents would like to keep it that way, but I'm sorry, I'm about to blow your cover.

This isn't your average Italian market, this is an Italian market with roots in Brooklyn. One word comes to mind when talking about Zano Brothers. Authentic.

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I started to see Zano's pop up on my newsfeed the past couple of days more and more often.

Friends were sharing, liking, and commenting.

What's everybody buzzing about?

Let me start by saying it's not a chain.

While we love our chains, it's nice to see locally owned and operated businesses thrive.

When it comes to pizza joints in Ocean County, well, let's just say there are plenty of options.

One thing I love about living here is that you're never more than five minutes away from getting a legitimately good pie.

With that luxury comes competition. Each and every pizzeria is vying to become our "go-to."

Zano's is about to launch Manzano's Wood Fired Brick Oven Pizza and Calzone.

Manzano's will be located right next to Zano's at 360 Route 9 in Waretown.

You might be saying to yourself, "what's the big deal, it's just another pizza place."

Judging by the comments section, shockingly, the Waretown area seems to have been starved for a really good local pizza spot.

Whoo-hoo! Finally. Looking forward to having delicious pizza. Now we don't have to travel out of the area for good pizza. Good luck!Been waiting a year for this! Can’t wait!Wow can't wait! I remember that you said you were waiting for the oven to be delivered from Italy.Finally, the wait is over!

Mangia! Congratulations to Zano's and we can't wait for Manzano's Wood Fired Brick Oven Pizza and Calzone!

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