In my mind, and in the minds of thousands around the Garden State this was one brutal winter, but when you look at the stats, it doesn't really rank up there at all.

Would you believe when it came to cold, this winter did not even rank in the top 30. Really? It's true according to, and the amount of snow? It's not even in the top five. So maybe this winter wasn't so bad after all?

Can it be that we imagined some of it? I'm pretty sure the wind chill was 25 below during the polar vortex episode, and I'm positive I didn't imagine cleaning snow off my car day after day after day.

I'm certain I didn't imagine the noises I made when the wind hit me in the face or how cold the bathroom floor tiles were, and it wasn't my imagination that made me cold to the bone every time I took the garbage out.

Maybe we're just a weather weary bunch here at the Jersey Shore and we've had enough of anything that resembles bad weather, and who could blame us. I'll tell you this. If anyone deserves a great spring, it's definitely us!