Phillip Phillips seemed like a sweetheart through his American Idol run . The question is, can the guy really be that nice?

The answer is a big, loud yes. I got to meet Phillip Phillips behind the scenes at the PNC Bank Arts Center before his show this past Saturday night. He strolled up to the area that was set up for the interview and said hello as if he and I were friends for years.

Phillip Phillips live (Lou Russo, Townsquare Media)PHILLIP PHILLIPS

We talked about Behind The Light, and about the meaning behind Raging Fire and he gave me an update on his health. You may remember, the American Idol season 11 winner battled kidney issues during competition.

One cute moment happened after the interview when my wife Diane was taking a picture of me and Phillip. She looked into the camera and said, "You have a great smile." and before he could respond, I blurted out "thank you". He laughed and flashed the smile that makes girls melt, and makes guys want to buy their wife something so they stop thinking about him. For the record, I bought my wife a Phillip Phillips concert shirt.