Duzzy and I, like so many, watched last night's Yankee game -- Derek Jeter's last go in the Bronx.

Derek Jeter's last game in the Bronx
Elsa/Getty Images

While we're both Yankee fans, Duzzy is a total baseball nut, so it's safe to say that as awestruck, smiling, and satisfied last night's storybook ending left me - bittersweet as it was - his reaction was even greater.

I didn't completely understand how much until I got a text this morning:

Laurie Duzzy Jeter text
Laurie Cataldo

His joy at that last game-winning hit is the same joy I felt when Big declared his love for Carrie and brought her home to the girls (and we FINALLY learned his real name...) on Sex and the City. It all makes sense now.

Have you ever had that kind of reaction to something you watched on TV? Tell us in the comment section below.

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