Have you had enough winter yet?  We checked in on some of the official snow totals in Monmouth County after that doozy of a storm this weekend. I posted about Ocean County official totals here too.

I'm sure the kids are loving all this...the adults probably not so much. How did you hold up in the storm?  I can tell you that Lou and I are the only ones in the building right now if that is any hint of how things are by us. LOL.  Hopefully you stayed safe and did not shovel too aggressively. Just some happy thoughts for ya...we will be in the 50's next week so we can all let our stress melt away!  Here is how some Monmouth County spots did:

Eatontown  14.2 inches

Freehold  13 inches

Spring Lake Heights 17 inches

Tinton Falls  15 inches

Holmdel  14 inches

Howell  13 inches

Leonardo/Middletown  12 inches

Neptune City 11 inches

Aberdeen  9 inches

OK, your done shoveling snow and you want comfort food. I've got your back. These are the best places to get a juicy burger in all of New Jersey. (They door dash by the way). Enjoy...you've earned this!

New Jersey's Best Burger (According To You)

We take our food very seriously here in Jersey. If we're not talking Italian, it's all about who has the most creative, juicy and mouth watering burger in the state. I asked what you thought and you weren't shy!

Need desert?  Of course you do. Have you heard of rolling your ice cream?  It will change your life!

ZRolls Ice Cream Is Insanely Good

I'll take my ice cream rolled from now on please!

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