Monmouth County Park System is kicking off the new year by buckling down.

In a recent Facebook Post, the park issued a statement saying that a lot of visitors have complained that people are letting their dogs roam around unleashed which can be a huge safety risk to others with their dogs, cyclists, equestrians, and park wildlife.

As a result, Park Rangers will be much stricter when enforcing this law by giving people summonses if their dog is seen running around off-leash.

I am a dog owner and completely understand the frustration of not having a place to let your dog run around off leash, especially if they are not friendly with other dogs.

But keep in mind that even if your dog is friendly, having them run off leash could result in them going to interact with a dog who is not. If an incident does occur while your dog is off-leash, you as well as your furry friend are at risk to face some harsh consequences.

Take a look at BringFido for some dog-friendly places as well as some dog parks specifically designed for your four-legged friend. Let's all have fun but do so safely and responsibly.

Take a look at the original Facebook Post.

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