It looks like tomorrow (Thursday) will be another day where we'll want to keep our eyes on the weather here at the Jersey Shore.

Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow says that a breezy night tonight will turn into a windy day tomorrow with wind gusts of up to 40mph expected inland. The gusts could be more like 50mph along the coast.

And then a windy day will turn into a stormy, rainy night which could produce 1 to 2 inches of rain in our area before the storms exit. The rain is expected at night tomorrow.

Unfortunately, if you were looking for some clearer skies and warmer temperatures this weekend, you're only going to get half of that. If you wanted to start getting some gardening or yard work done this weekend, you might have to schedule carefully.

Good news, it will be warm this weekend. Temperatures will be in the mid 60's Saturday and might even hit 70 on Sunday . The bad news...rain Saturday morning and again Sunday night.

Let's find the gardening silver lining here. Once the morning showers pass on Saturday, we could get out there and do whatever it is we need to do. This is about the time of year that I get the flowers and the vegetables planted, so I'm hoping to put a dent into it.

It sounds like once any morning showers exit on Saturday, we have a pretty good window of opportunity until the Sunday night showers, and one thing is for sure. It will feel good to get out there and do something 'normal".

Good luck with whatever you're able to do this weekend. We're getting there. I know some days it doesn't feel like it, but we are. Stay safe and stay healthy.

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