For years and years, Monmouth Music in Red Bank was THE go-to place for musicians when it came to purchasing instruments.
Monmouth Music has been around since the '80s. But a year or two back, it was sold. And now it is changing.

Although they will still offer music lessons, the store itself is emptying out quickly. It is a stark reminder about how sometimes your favorite places go away :(

Over the past weeks/months Monmouth Music has been quietly selling off its instruments and other inventory. (We had an idea that change would be coming as much as a year ago when we tried order something big through the store and were told with some hesitation that we wouldn't be able to get what we were looking for anymore through Monmouth Music.)

So what is the new owner doing with the store?

The signs in the window say: Coming Soon -- STEM Music Academy. DJ Lessons, E-sports, Math & Music, Music Lessons, After-school Lessons, Engineering, Science & Technology.

From what I hear, the main area of the store where all the instruments were sold will hold all kinds of computers and technology stations, with the back rooms still devoted to music lessons. (I was unable to grab time with the owner to chat when I stopped in the last couple of times.)

The description of the new Academy says this on the sign: The STEM Music Academy is an innovative hi-tech new way to teach music, applying a hands-on approach using Science Technology, Engineering and Math.

Sigh. I hate change. But I wish them the best of luck on their new venture.



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