Depending on my mood (and that of my son) here are the tennis courts where you are most likely to find us, plus a link on how to find public tennis courts in your area.

These tennis courts each have their own 'personality', but we like them all for various reasons. What are your favorite places to play tennis?

  1. Marucci Memorial Park, 301 South Blvd., Spring Lake. There are at least 8 very clean, beautiful courts (1 or 2 are even elevated.)
  2. Ocean Road Park, 1103 Ocean Road, Spring Lake Heights. There are 3 very nice courts, plus a wall to bounce a ball off of.
  3. Orchard Park, Church Street, Wall (in the Manasquan area of Wall). There are 3 courts, plus a wall. These courts are right near the beginning of the Manasquan entrance to the bike path.
  4. Maclearie Park, Rt. 35 South, Belmar (next to the marina on the Shark River, so you get a beautiful breeze and view of the water). There are 4 courts.
  5. Divine Park, 801 W. Lake Dr., Spring Lake. There are 2 - 3 courts in that awesome, picturesque park in downtown Spring Lake.
  6. Brielle Park, corner of Union Lane and South Street, Brielle. There are 3 courts and 2 walls.

If you find yourself wanting to play tennis but don't know which parks in your area have free, public courts available, I found a great link where you can sign up and find all of the public and private and school tennis courts: the Global Tennis Network.



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