How well do you think you know the Jersey Shore? Our last test of that proved many of you know it pretty well.

But before we hand out all the awards, it should be mentioned that the actual answer was in the picture if you noticed it and tool the time to zoom in on it. But in case you didn't notice, let's recap the clues we gave you.

(1) It's on the corner of Main St., and if we told you the name of the cross street, you'd definitely know the answer. The other road in the intersection is Asbury Ave.

(2) It has long been home to many, many local heroes over the years. The kind of people that run toward danger, not away from it. It's the Asbury Park Firehouse.

So congratulations to all of you who knew that beautiful, historical building was the Asbury Park Firehouse. It's just another piece of history in an amazing city.

And while we're at it, we want to thank the Asbury Park Fire Department for their bravery and for all they do for our community. And thanks to all of our area first responders. You are all truly heroes!

AP Firehouse sign
If you zoomed in like this, then you could read the answer. (Lou Russo, Townsquare Media)

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