Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey is prepping for opening day, and there are new animals to see at Wild Safari, including a White Rhino named Sawyer!

Sawyer is a GLORIOUS and MAGNIFICENT creature. We've already got a crush on him. Wow, is he gorgeous.

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Sawyer is six years old, according to Six Flags Great Adventure, 3,800 lbs., and loves hay, scratches, and a good brushing! Watch him in action below!

You can see Sawyer and his rhino friends when rolling along Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure. Tickets for the season are now on sale.

Six Flags Great Adventure/Facebook
Six Flags Great Adventure/Facebook

Along with Sawyer, three baby giraffes were born at Great Adventure during the winter, according to That brings the safari's total number of giraffes to 13!

Also newly added are two sable antelope calves, two baby red lechwe calves (another member of the antelope family), and two Asian water buffalo calves.

Many other improvements have been made to the 5-mile long Wild Safari, reports, including an updated entrance, a widening and repaving of the trail, and the addition of a brand new audio tour that can be streamed from your phone.

Six Flags Great Adventure's safari experience officially opens for the season on Saturday, March 19th. The amusement park opens to visitors on Saturday, April 2nd.

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