The latest results are in from a recent study which lists New Jersey among the states with the most coronavirus restrictions in America.

Studies have been regularly been conducted by WalletHub to track which state have the most COVID-19 restriction, and in their latest study, New Jersey has the 2nd highest restrictions in the nation.

Here are some of the relevant metric used to determine each state's ranking in the study...

Public Face Mask Requirements

Travel Restrictions

Large Gathering Restrictions

Statewide School Restart

Opening of Restaurants and Bars.

Workplace Temperature Screening

18 metrics were considered and you can see them all at WalletHub.

In the past three reports, which span the time from June 23rd to today, New Jersey's rank for social distancing measures have moved from 8th to 3rd to second in the nation in the past three survey periods.

The only state with more restrictions in the most recent study is, understandably California. And Pennsylvania is right behind California in the ranking. There is no doubt that with the jaw dropping COVID numbers across the nation in the past few weeks, these rankings will change by necessity.

In this most recent data, the states with the least restrictions (from 3 to 1) are South Dakota, Wisconsin and Oklahoma. And Utah and Iowa are 4th and 5th.

In the Garden State we have worked extremely hard to get where we are in this battle, and our hearts go out to the states experiencing surges in the virus, and hope the numbers turn your way very soon.

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