The coronavirus pandemic has, at least temporarily, changed the way we do just about everything in the course of our day.

Yesterday, we talked about the 10 Things We're Doing More Of During Coronavirus. Today we look at the opposite. It's 10 Things We're Doing Less Of During Coronavirus.

Hand shaking. That tradition may have seen it's last days with this virus.

Dining Out.  We can't wait to get back to it, but take out and delivery are the ways to go these days

Commuting. Unless there's traffic in the downstairs hallway of your house, it's been a quick commute lately.

Hugging. This one breaks your heart. We need to get back to it as soon as it's ok to do so.

Face To Face. Our meetings, doctors appointments, and in most case, shopping are all happening on line.

Relaxing. The minute we convince our mind to wander for a brief moment, something brings us right back to this reality.

Sleeping. It kind of goes with relaxing. We may not have to wake up as early, but that doesn't mean any of us are getting good sleep.

Socializing. You can't do it whether you want to or not, at least not in person.

Spontaneity. You can't be a spur of the moment person when you're only option is your own house.

Working. No matter how hard we try, or not, home is a distracting place.

Keep up the social distancing and stay healthy. We'll get through this together. Unless we find out a store has toilet paper. Then it's every person for themselves, right?

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