World Teacher's Day is right around the corner, and there is good news just in time for it. It turns out New Jersey is a good place to be if you're a teacher.

In recent data compiled by WalletHub, New Jersey is among the top states in the nation for teachers. As a matter of fact, the Garden State ranks as the third best state in the nation, according to the study.

The only states that ranked higher for teachers were Washington state and Utah. So, that's good news for teachers all over the Garden State. Here's how Wallet Hub determined the results.

They used two key dimensions to determine the most teacher friendly states in the nation, and they are "opportunity & competition" and "academic & work environment". They then used 25 relevant metrics to come to their conclusions.

Here are some of the findings for New Jersey..

Opportunity & Competition...New Jersey ranks 14th in that category.

Academic & Work Environment...The Garden State came in a solid #4 in this category.

Lowest pupil to teacher ratio... New Jersey has the fourth best ratio in the nation.

Highest public school spending per student...We rank 2nd in the country.

Best school system...The Garden State is an impressive #3 throughout the USA.

For the record, our neighbors in Pennsylvania placed #5 overall in the study, and New York came in at # 9.

There is no doubt that our teachers are true heroes here in the Garden State all the time, but this year we have truly seen how strong and dedicated our teachers are. Thank you to all the teachers for all you do!

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