If you think New Jersey is one of the most stressed out state in America, you certainly wouldn't be alone, but recent research doesn't agree.

There are a lot of words I think of to describe life in the Garden State, and stress is definitely one of them, but according to recent research at wallethub.com, New Jersey isn't even in the top 10, or top 20 or top 30!.

I'm not going to lie. That literally boggles my mind. Think of this. High taxes, a ton of traffic, expensive everything and then cram a ton of people into a small state. What could possibly go wrong?

Are you telling me, those ingredients plus many others don't add up to the most stressed out state in the nation? Wallethub.com not only tells us that, but it tells us there are exactly 30 states more stressed than we are?

Is that even possible? Apparently it is. The research used nearly 40 indicators to come to it's conclusion, with factors ranging from sleep quality to hours worked in a week, and after all the numbers were crunched, there were 30 states more stressed than we are.

One stat that made a lot of sense to me was that we ranked 6th most work related stress state. One that didn't was that we ranked 43rd most stressed when it came to money. What? Have you seen our taxes. Have you seen the price of, well, everything in New Jersey?

I guess I should be happy about the findings, but that just wouldn't be the New Jersey way. Truth be told, the results stressed me out. And I feel a little cheated. If we're going to be this stressed in the Garden State, shouldn't we at least get credit for it?

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