How is your stress level, Jersey Shore? I would guess pretty high. And I would guess that level is getting higher each day. And that’s why when you hear the rank New Jersey was given in a study, it’s most likely going to, well, stress you out.

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If you think after all the stressing we do in the Garden State that we deserve to win this one, you are going to be sorely disappointed. WalletHub ranked all the states and they say we are the 33rd most stressed state in the nation. The thirty what now?

Am I the only one angry about this. I think we have more stress by noon than most states have in a whole day. We are ranked first in every bad survey out there, and we can’t win this one. We deserve to be #1.

This makes absolutely no sense, right? We have a ton of stress, so where is it? It turns out the research found it, because we did rank top 5 in one specific category, and it’s a category that won’t surprise you one bit.

Even though Née Jersey ranks in the bottom half of states for overall stress, we are ranked at #5 when it comes to stress at work. Aah, there it is.

Our money, health and family stress are relatively low according to this study. We are 39th, 38th and 40th respectively in these categories. But when it comes to work stress, few states can top the Garden State, and that surprises exactly none of us here in New Jersey.

You can get all the details of the study at the WalletHub website. But don’t read it at work. You already have enough to worry about.

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