Good news for New Jersey residents. One study says we are not among America's 'fattest states".

As  a matter of fact, says that we among the ten least fat states in the nation. We ranked #45, with #1 being the fattest. So how do they define 'fattest'? There are several categories that were studied.

Among the areas investigated to come up with these rankings were the prevalence of obesity in the state,  the state's ranking in the fitness category, and the percentage of overweight and obese adults and children in each state.

By the way, the Garden State ranks in the top 5 for fitness, so god for us New Jersey! And you may be wondering which state is the 'fattest' according to the research. That dubious distinction goes to Mississippi.

The only states that ranked better in this report than New Jersey were Connecticut, Montana, Hawaii, Utah, Massachusetts and Colorado.

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