According to a report from this time last year, New Jersey ranks near the bottom of the list of states that love Christmas. Can that really be true? I don't think so. 

Before I flip out about yet another report that sheds a bad light on the state and the fine people who live here, let's look at the data that led to the conclusions in this study. There were two main factors looked at by Get Century Link.

The researchers examined 'online activity' and 'area culture' in their methodology of determining each state's love for Christmas. The news, as you may have guessed already, was not good for the Garden State. We ranked 45th.

I couldn't stop there. I knew I could find some research that captured the amazing Christmas spirit we all feel each year here in New Jersey.

I then found a list of the 25 most romantic states to celebrate Christmas. That would make us feel better, right? The only problem is, we didn't make the Insider top 25 list. Which means we are on the 25 least romantic states to celebrate Christmas in. That hurts.

So maybe Monmouth or Ocean County is home to the best Christmas town in the state? Nope. That honor belongs to Cape May, according to Reader's Digest.

I stopped my research there. I should be used to being snubbed by these studies, but I can't help it. It gets me every time. We never get the credit we deserve in the Garden State, and especially here in Monmouth & Ocean Counties.

We don't have holiday spirit?? Bah Humbug!! Of course we do. Once again, we'll keep it our little secret!

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