piggy bank

Does it surprise you that New Jersey is among the top states in America when it comes to it's residents saving money?

With all the expenses we deal with here in the Garden State, as well as taxes and the price of...well...everything, it's hard to believe we have anything left to save, but that's exactly what's happening, according to cnbc.com.

New Jersey is in a virtual tie for the #10 spot in the nation, with 74% of residents reporting that they have savings. That slightly ahead of our neighbors in New York with 71% of their residents saying they have savings.

Obviously, we didn't do as well as 9 other states, and no one did better than Vermont. Apparently 83% of the residents there say they have savings. New Hampshire had 81% and North Dakota with 80%.

So congratulations to the Garden State for finding a way to put some money away even though the money seems to fly out the door around here.

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