If you grind your teeth, have high blood pressure or are generally on edge, you might think that's the price you pay for living in New Jersey. But a recent study disagrees.

According to a study published at Wallet Hub, it turns out New Jersey is not as stressed out as we all think. As a matter of fact, we're not even ranked in the top half of states when it comes to stress,

This is most likely going to surprise you, but the Garden State ranks as the 34th most stressed state in America. That's right, 33 other states are more stressed than we are. I feel bad for them.

It turns out the study identifies one of our biggest sources for stress is work (we rank as 7th most stressed state in that category).

But when it comes to money related stress (42), family related stress (43) and health related stress (26) our ranks are pretty, well, relaxed as compared to the rest of the nation.

There were no specific categories for traffic, taxes, congestion or rudeness, so that may explain part of these results, but if I'm being honest, being less stressed is actually stressing me out.

It turns out I'm pretty comfortable being stressed in the Garden State. I feel lie it comes with the territory, and I'm prepared for it. This middle of the pack stress thing seems very Hawaii to me (they were the 9th least stressed state).

For the record, Minnesota was the least stressed state in the nation in this study, and Louisiana was the most stressed state.

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